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How to Stop Thinking About Food and Weight!


Join the waitlist for this brand new free event that will teach you a simple, yet effective strategy to control your thoughts around food and your weight. Hosted by me, Tomesha Campbell, CFNC, PN1 and Creator of The Body Acceptance Method™.


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An Approach to Nutrition Rooted in Mindful Eating and Body Acceptance

Regardless of size or health status, A Fitness Mindset is here for you.

Create Mindful Eating Habits

Develop a more mindful approach to eating so that you can enjoy food without guilt.

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Nurture Healthy Boundaries

Create healthy boundaries around food so you feel more confident in your food choices.

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Cultivate Body Acceptance

Navigate negative self-talk around your weight so you can build body acceptance.

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Let’s Spill the Tea!


Hi, I’m Tomesha, and I'm a Nutrition Coach who helps my clients create mindful eating habits, nurture healthy boundaries with food, and cultivate body acceptance. Through lots of trial and error, I've figure out how to make a healthy lifestyle work for me and now I'm ready to spill the tea.


Spill The Tea

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Free Event

Join the waitlist for this brand new free event that will teach you a simple, yet effective strategy to control your thoughts around food and your weight.

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Whether you’re looking to create healthier eating habits or cultivate body acceptance, this blog is where you’ll find the latest tips, recipes, and more.

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From the cooking essentials I truly cannot live without to the planner I use to keep my whole life on track, there are just a few resources I use and recommend.

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What can you expect from working with me?

I’m on a mission to help you create, nurture, and cultivate an environment of body acceptance. I do this by helping you appreciate where your body is right now, develop the freedom to eat without guilt, and understand health is not determined by a number on a scale. Here’s how to get started working together in three simple steps:

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Schedule a free 15-Minute Informational Consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Choose Your Package

Decide which of my one-on-one coaching package options would best fit  your needs and wellness goals.

Implement Your Plan

We’ll create your personalized wellness plan and meet 1:1 to implement that plan together.

The Body Acceptance Methodâ„¢

Starting at $299

6-Week Package

  • (6) Weeks of 1:1 Nutrition Coaching
  • (6) 25-Minute Weekly Followup Sessions
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Personalized Wellness Plan
  • Customized Recipe Guide
  • Email and Text Support Between Sessions
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A Good Fit If:


  • You’ve tried every fad diet out there and are ready to stop obsessing about food and your weight
  • You want to eat healthy without feeling deprived
  • You’re done measuring your health by a number on a scale
  • You want to be able to actually relax and have fun when you’re out with friends
  • You want to learn how to change your lifestyle instead of hopping from one diet to another
  • You’re looking for peace of mind on the day-to-day about what you eat, the way you look and how others see you
  • You’re seeking coaching that is rooted in mindful eating and body acceptance
  • You’re want a nutrition coach who will support you and keep you accountable to achieving your wellness goals
Veronica Wertman

"I am more organized with my meal planning and prepping and that has made making health choices easier. "

Michelle Price-Johnson

"Tomesha’s workouts, recipes, and motivational messages are finally getting me off of the couch (and that is no easy task.) She is the coach you know you need! "

Victoria Sexton

"Tomesha’s enthusiasm for fitness is infectious. Her fitness tips are not only easy, but also actionable. "

Kellie McRae

"I love that Tomesha not only talks about nutrition, but also shares how to save on great foods and motivating tips. "

Shivawn Brimage

"Tomesha definitely has motivated me to do something different as it relates to my fitness. "

Robert Hamilton

"I appreciate the motivation, tips, tricks, and advice on ways to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle. "

Achieving body acceptance doesn't mean you'll now "love" your body


You don’t have to “love” your body to accept your body. A Fitness Mindset is all about helping you appreciate what your body can do, nourish your body unapologetically, and discover your true self-worth. Schedule your free 15-Minute Informational Consultation to get started with creating, nurturing and cultivating body acceptance.

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Learn a simple, yet effective strategy to control your thoughts around food and your weight.

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